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Have you ever wondered what our keepers do every day? This is your chance to shadow one of the New York State Zoo keepers as they go about their daily cleaning, feeding, and preparing the animals for the day. This program is available any day by request from 8:00 - 10:30 am (two weeks advance registration is required).

$45/person, $40 members

Children 12-15 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Zoofari Day Camp http://www.nyszoo.org/upcoming-events/item/53-zoofari.html http://www.nyszoo.org/upcoming-events/item/53-zoofari.html


If you sign up for Zoofari before Sunday July 27 you'll receive an additional 20% off!

So don't wait, sign up now for the wildest day camp in the North Country! Nobody does day camp like the zoo. Your kids will learn, play, explore, and come home tired. Each week has a unique and exciting theme, and this year we're offering several weeks of full-day camp (9:30-4:00). 

Click here for all the details and to get a registration form.

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9 New Wolf Pups Born at the Zoo http://www.nyszoo.org/upcoming-events/item/54-9-new-wolf-pups-born-at-the-zoo.html http://www.nyszoo.org/upcoming-events/item/54-9-new-wolf-pups-born-at-the-zoo.html

The Thompson Park Zoo is happy to announce the birth of nine grey wolf pups on April 18, 2014.

The litter, consisting of seven males and two females, is healthy and adorable.   Most of the pups exhibit their father Keenai’s darker fur color.  This is the couple’s fourth litter.  Previous litters have number five, nine, and seven pups.

The pups are currently spending their time in the den box with their parents.  Once the pups are comfortable with their new surroundings, they’ll begin to make their way onto the exhibit space.  The grey wolf exhibit is part of the much larger Northern Wolf Trail at the Thompson Park Zoo and is sponsored by Northern Credit Union.

In 1974, it was estimated there were fewer than 300 grey wolves left in the lower 48 United States.  Thanks to conservation efforts and responsible breeding programs that number is now estimated at around 6000. 

The best way to experience these new wolf pups is with a Zoo family membership.  The Zoo offers a variety of membership plans to meet all budgets.  Memberships are available online (nyszoo.org) or at Guest Services.  As always, stay tuned to the Zoo’s website and Facebook page for more updates.

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The Heather A. Freeman Butterfly House is now open! http://www.nyszoo.org/upcoming-events/item/56-the-heather-a-freeman-butterfly-house-is-now-open.html http://www.nyszoo.org/upcoming-events/item/56-the-heather-a-freeman-butterfly-house-is-now-open.html

The Thompson Park Zoo is pleased to announce the opening of the Heather A. Freeman Butterfly House!  Over the next few weeks several species of butterfly will be making the Butterfly House their home.  Stop in for a visit and learn everything you can about the life cycle of these amazing insects.

How much do you know about the Heather A. Freeman Butterfly House?

The Butterfly House at the Thompson Park Zoo was built in 1997; spearheaded by Watertown pediatrician Dr. Alfred Gianfagna and his family.  In early 2008, a blizzard caused severe damage to many of the wonderful exhibits at the Zoo, including the Butterfly House.

The Heather A. Freeman Foundation was established in January 2008 following the tragic death of Heather Freeman due to a motorcycle accident on August 19, 2007.  Heather loved sunflowers, blue skies and butterflies. The family and friends of Heather thought it would be a fitting tribute to repair the exhibit and dedicated it to her memory in 2008.  In 2011 in the Heather A. Freeman Foundation happily took over this yearly endowment. The donated funds are used to purchase live pupae (chrysalises), make improvements, increase staffing, and purchase native plants and flowers to beautify the exhibit.

The Butterfly House is home to numerous free flying at native species of butterflies and allows guests to encounter the insects in an environment that is safe for the butterflies. The exhibit also increases awareness of natural habitats in which butterflies thrive, the species can be observed engaging in many of their natural behaviors, including feeding on flower nectar or ripe fruit, drinking from puddles and basking in sunlight. With the support of our amazing community, Heather A. Freeman Foundation has been able to contribute $12,000 thus far to the upkeep and beautification of the Heather A. Freeman Butterfly House at the Thompson Park Zoo and are committed to keeping the butterfly house a vibrant reflection of Heather's spirit.

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