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Home School Program

The education department is currently working on the curriculum for this years Home School programs. Please bring ideas or comments to the first meeting or contact Cassie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Home School Academy:  

 Invertebrates. November 20th 10:30 to12. (K to 6) Come explore the world with us. The zoo does home school a wild way. Students will interact with games and activities on the program theme. Are sea anemones alive? Is a rock that's covered in moss alive? Students explore concepts and are encouraged to question their environment. We will utilize the scientific method to answer if an objects is living or not.

Amphibians:December 17th or December 19th 1-2:30 (K-6) The same program will be offered on both days. 

 Program Price: 


Members recieve 20% off program price. 

Be sure to call Guest Services at 315.782.6180 or stop in to the front desk to register. Pre-payment is encouraged. 


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